Beautifully written Jess ! It's so wonderful that we all get the chance at refreshing our existing friendships, and discovering new friendships . All free from the shackles of conditions !

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Beautifully written, Jessica.

I find myself in what you are writing, that really helps confirming my new walk to inner freedom.

It really is an evil shit show, thank god I saw it and escaped.

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I can’t tell you how beautifully joyful this writing makes me feel! Thank you, Jessica. My feeling of love for you expands the more you share of yourself 💗

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Thank you Jessica.

I love knowing you.

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May 1, 2023·edited May 1, 2023Author

Your voice is in this one, and many of the previous too. 💫

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Applause and Joy!!

Reading this is like watching a Lotus bud and blossom from the mud.

Thank you for such a beautiful, truly enlightened description of spiritual freedom🙏

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